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logoMA great thanks to Mastro store (www.fishing-mastro.gr) and Mr. Dakis Bibas for his sponsorship on my cooking gear, touring bags and all other small camping equipment that I have been sponsored.

Mr. Bibas is a hell of a man by the way, that have traveled himself to a lot of different places across the middle east and beyond. If you don’t need any equipment, it will still be for you a pleasure to met a guy with great advises.

10906085_764221253633824_5774138427782635743_nGreat thanks to Marios (www.cyclelovers.com) who built that amazing costume bike and for trusting me on how serious I was to actually do it and make a huge discount for the cause.

Two french couples had past from his shop for the same purpose where I met them separately while waiting for my spare parts to come and they are both already in Turkey toward Iran. I think that says it all when it comes to trusting your gear and the work that have been done over it…..

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Many thanks to the team of Campscanner for the technical support and all those nice conversations regarding living close to nature!