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14-03 Leaving The Bike Here ?>

14-03 Leaving The Bike Here

That morning was the last of my pedaling adventure (so far at list..)! I woke up that morning wanting to stand up and get out of my tent but couldn’t! For some unknown reason at that moment I couldn’t find any balance on my feet and had a terrible nausea! From that moment, an entire race began in order to come back to my country and have a proper diagnosis and treatment in a proper hospital … This post is…

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13-03 Nyaungshwe To Coordinates ?>

13-03 Nyaungshwe To Coordinates

I started a little bit late that day, taking advantage of the available internet that was finally working to finish updating my blog. I didn’t took any photo that afternoon in order to achieve a significant distance from the villages to be able to camp without being seen (and arrested once more for illegal camping). –No photo available today–

11&12 Shwe Inn Dein Pagoda & day rest ?>

11&12 Shwe Inn Dein Pagoda & day rest

This type of cactus is used in food all over Myanmar. It has a bitter and jelly taste. Like in most third countries, the barber is one of the member of the family… I love those two pictures! Here above, the woman are going to collect vegetables in the fields… Most of the dirt around Nyaungshwe is of red color and in many places like this they come to collect it. You can see that the wall of those houses…

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10-03 coordinates to coordinates ?>

10-03 coordinates to coordinates

Last night camping near a swamp! The amount of mosquitos their was phenomenal! I had to be carful  and put my tent away from the water to be sure not to have any strange encounters in the middle of the night… The only reason I finally decided to put my tent their was when I saw on the ground dropping of cows which was telling me that shepherd do come here and it must be safe… Two questions came in…

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09-03 coordinate to coordinate ?>

09-03 coordinate to coordinate

This morning horror & sweat between the flames was one of the worst so far!!!! When I sawlast night this burning fieldsm I knew that they were nothing else to be burn here & and I decided to camp. What I didn’t knew was that the farmers didn’t had burnedyet burned all the fields arround and that this were theirfirst morning priorities!! I woke up trapped & surrounded by the flames! Pushing and trying to save my bike….! Over confidence…

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08-03 Bagan to coordinates ?>

08-03 Bagan to coordinates

This man is using this mechanical hand mill to produce peanut oil! I would had a hard to believe in you if I hadn’t seen it for myself… Those are coco nut plantation. It not now the season for coco nut, but the use it to produce oil. Those womans on the road are holding some metalic bolls with litle stones in them to make some noise while shaking them. This is practiced throughout the country and is done to…

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07-03 bagan last day ?>

07-03 bagan last day

They are just so many temple and Pagodas in Bagan I thought of just leaving just with the photos on this post. Enjoy.   In this temple, the four walls side in the interior of the building have four different status of the Buddha. They are all depict below: On the east side of old Bagan, you can see the sandy condition of the road…I loved though those cactus…   This temple was one of the only with large and…

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06-03 Bagan ?>

06-03 Bagan

Finally! I reached the magical Bagan!! After a funny experience with the policy yesterday night because of putting my tent in the wild, it was time to take my bike and explore…Because this is a public blog and I am restricted on my opinion while in the courty, if any of you want to know more, please mention it on the comment below. The Shezilon pagoda was my first stop on the way to the market. I have nothing to…

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05-03 coordinates to garage sleeping ?>

05-03 coordinates to garage sleeping

My morning surprise was a nice flat tire! Not very surprising though…I camped in the wild last night and had to puch my bike in the bushes….The nice think was that he was able to fix it without me to put down all my stuff. Here is the local ice cream and juice sailer. I also had a that juice and the tast was orange & coffee. It was really too sweet for me but the half iced juice was…

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04-03 mandalay to coordinate ?>

04-03 mandalay to coordinate

This morning started quite late after sending some emails. The pictures that you see below are from the Mahar Muni Pagoda. Those three little children were so cute that I couldn’t resist taking them a photo. A pic of three ladies returning back home on bikes. I couldn’t resist to stair at them! They probably though I was the weirdest foreigner on the planet hahaha… I will have to find when and at what time they use those bells. This…

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