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Day four ?>

Day four

Everything seems ready for departure! The bike is almost done and will probably be delivered on Wednesday. Marios (cycle lover shop) have also put better wheels due to short supply of the cheapest ones. I also decided the color of the wheel and told him to put the front brake on the right side like the motor bikers are used. Also told him to out some fancy fenders and can way to see it ready… I think it’s going to…

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Day one ?>

Day one

I guess today can not be considered as my real first day of adventure since i haven’t departure yet. I have just finish to move the furniture of my house to a warehouse and moved to a friend for a while until my departure. His house is at the top floor of the building with a huge veranda and it was the perfect spot to put my tent.  I will probably be here about a week, until my bike is ready….

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