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20-02 tamabil to shillong ?>

20-02 tamabil to shillong

A pic of the Tamabil borders between Bangladesh and India (India on the Meghalaya side). When I reach those borders, I had exactly 5 days to make it to the borders of Myanmar! This was because my Indian visa was ending and the problem was that I was still waiting for my Myanmar MTT permit to be able to cross the border by land… I had ordered and pay for the MTT permit from Exotic Myanmar, but didn’t had any…

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19-02 Sreemangal to Tamabil ?>

19-02 Sreemangal to Tamabil

This photo doesn’t have a good quality but is worth posting. I was here in Shaistaganj in a Bangladesh bicycle manufacturing trying to acquire a sponsorship after the invitation of one of their stuff that saw me passing by on the street. As an engineer my self, I was fascinated by the chain production….Especially one that was about bicycles!!!!!!!!!!!! On this part off the country the road is not to busy A pic of the borders between Bangladesh and India…

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18-02 Shaistaganj to sremangal ?>

18-02 Shaistaganj to sremangal

Those are tea plantation in Sreemangal. The hall place was recommended to by many Bangladeshi people, but to be honest it was only 10 km of road. They were though two gates were you could walk and see a rare and local species of monkey without tales. Unfortunately I didn’t had a safe place to put my bike and everybody were telling me it was merely impossible to see any of them if it wasn’t for early morning so…. For…

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15-02 Dhaka to bhairab ?>

15-02 Dhaka to bhairab

On the picture above I was brotten in the uncle house of my host (which is in the pic below). The purpose as I discovered later was too meet this girl and here sister. They offered me a very nice brakfast, but I soon discovered that the purpose was other…Wedding…..I’m not going to say anything else! This photo is just to show and say thank you to my host. Sorry for the face…I had the sun in the eyes  You…

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01&14-02 Dhaka ?>

01&14-02 Dhaka

 You can see here the ghetto and a very wealthy building next to it. This see location for the ghetto is not by chance… This country is over populated with 170 million people and at the beginning, the only available space was the space reserved for the train station that over time became what you see…!!! In this photo you wouldn’t probably understand if I wasn’t to tell about the ringing bells of the hotel (on the wall next to…

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31-01 Bhatiapara to Mawa Resort ?>

31-01 Bhatiapara to Mawa Resort

 They are baking bricks by hand! This is a very common sitting and use it as a mix with concrete to minimise the cost of house construction!!!! (not very effective for strengh) Here they are using a machine. It seems that working hand in Bangladesh is sheeper than this solution…It can make you wonder how poor this country really is….   This amazing image shows the local people emptying a pond and caching the fish. But this is not all, after…

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30-01 narail to Bhatiapara ?>

30-01 narail to Bhatiapara

I broke 7 sprocks all at once!  And it was the first time it ever happened after 11 month!! A miracle that the wheel was still intact and undamaged…. Crossing the river like them on the next boat..   The port for the other side of the river