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About Me

About meHi! My name is Alexis and I’m originated from Benin (west Africa) where I grew up until my 16 years old. That was before leaving 3 years in Belgium and before coming back to my father origins to study in Greece and work.

As a kid, my brother, sisters and I use to travel a lot across Africa due to the job of my father. But nowadays, having reached my thirties and having work a few years as a mechanical engineer, I feel as life has something more to offer than leaving a 60 hours/week routine in a country where there is obviously no future and will not have any pension for nobody after more than a 7 years recession crises that are becoming years after years even worse.

Although I live in a city where people have stopped leaving and hoping, I cannot stop to dream for the endless possibilities and beauties that this world has to offer.

I guess my real problem is that am too curious about life. I find crazy for people to thinks the way they do – people tell me crazy for doing the stuff I do….go and find out how’s right !?!

I miss traveling, I miss exploring and discovering….I miss being me. But more importantly of all, I am afraid of becoming one of them. Even more important for me is not that I am afraid of death, but that I have become afraid of haven’t lived at all…

I say let’s do something about it…..let’s start by discovering the world with a touring bike.