14-03 Leaving The Bike Here ?>

14-03 Leaving The Bike Here

That morning was the last of my pedaling adventure (so far at list..)!

I woke up that morning wanting to stand up and get out of my tent but couldn’t! For some unknown reason at that moment I couldn’t find any balance on my feet and had a terrible nausea!

From that moment, an entire race began in order to come back to my country and have a proper diagnosis and treatment in a proper hospital …

This post is to be updated in the future and for the time being, I will take advantage of being back home (in Greece), rest in a normal bed, eat proper food and take a break of a few months from traveling.


Until then, thank you for having been part of the adventure and keep in touch ­čśë

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2 thoughts on “14-03 Leaving The Bike Here

  1. Hey Alexis, I’m sure I can help u in a proper way. Pls let me know about u… u don’t need any modern medicine. But u just need some herbs, proper food and rest. I hope u r ok my friend. Pls let me know update. Love.
    +88 01712217730

    1. Good morning Tariq, how are you my dear friend!

      quite a time have passed….They have stolen my phone and didn’t have WhatsApp anymore…Yes believe it man! The phone that did a continent was stolen in my country on the third day…! What can I say..hahaha

      I didn’t know it but I actually have your email. How is life in Bangladesh? Wow! When I think that I am now writing you here from Greece it seems unbelievable! Such a long way…You are literally on the other side of earth now….AMAZING!
      How is Dhaka? How are you doing and how was your first CouchSerfing experience?
      I am sure that you will become one of the most famous hosts in Bangladesh. I can see that you already have 4 references and I love your photos ;-). Do you really speak so many languages?

      About me personally, I am fine now. I just had an overwork from fatigue (exhaust) and had lost my balance. It seems from the doctor that it was either from a virus in my ear or something unclarified that is now gone and just need some time to recover. I still have Vertigo and it needs some time to recover. I don’t still have a very good focus with my eyes from the Vertigo as well.
      Personally, I believe that I was tired of pedaling and wanted desperately a break, but wasn’t allowing myself to stop…You have to be careful of what you ask for (wish)…I believe we attracted what we wish for & think…it’s kind of an energy thing…(But that is just my opinion of course).
      I would love to hear your opinion on this…

      Apart from this, I am really glad to hear from you (really, really!).

      Keep in touch.

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