11&12 Shwe Inn Dein Pagoda & day rest ?>

11&12 Shwe Inn Dein Pagoda & day rest


This type of cactus is used in food all over Myanmar. It has a bitter and jelly taste.



Like in most third countries, the barber is one of the member of the family…



Traveling by bicycle

I love those two pictures! Here above, the woman are going to collect vegetables in the fields…

P1080162 P1080165

Most of the dirt around Nyaungshwe is of red color and in many places like this they come to collect it.


You can see that the wall of those houses are made of bamboo. It is a sheep material available everywhere. The way of construction is to cut the bamboo in slices and to knit it.


P1080169 P1080170

From the top of this hill (photo above), you can see those agricultural villages situated many times above the water…


Those pyramid shapes constructions are called Pagodas.

P1080174 P1080175 P1080179

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P1080184 P1080185


  Bicycle tour  Nomad cyclist

The pictures that you are now going to see are from Shwe Inn Dein Pagoda. This is truly a must see and I recommend you if you like those quind of places to also check for more on Google.



Touring bicycle

You can see in the Pagoda behind me that a tree has grown inside and outside of it;…

P1080191  P1080200 P1080201 P1080202 P1080203 P1080204 P1080205

On the top of the hill there is a monastery (pictures below). Many pagodas have been renovated though charities and the amazing thing is to see that actually that about half of the donations are made by foreigners!

P1080206 P1080207 P1080209 P1080210 P1080213

This picture was taken too show the amazing roof!

Traveling around the world 2

Around the world on a bicycle

Traveling around the world



Travel in time! This picture is true!! Amazing to see how it was gone thousands of years and even today.

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This is were the villager and any tourist can take a boat to go to the floating hardens (gardens made on top of the water to boost productivity)


Touring bicycle

Bicycle tour

Cycle tour

Nomad cyclists

Nomad cyclist

Around the world on a bike

Around the world on a bicycle

cycling around the world

Traveling by bicycle

Traveling around the world


Water project Asia

Water project Africa

Water project donation

Bicycle water project

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