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Last night camping near a swamp! The amount of mosquitos their was phenomenal!

I had to be carful  and put my tent away from the water to be sure not to have any strange encounters in the middle of the night…

The only reason I finally decided to put my tent their was when I saw on the ground dropping of cows which was telling me that shepherd do come here and it must be safe…


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Two questions came in my mind while riding away from my camping site. The first one is hearing this child singing alone in the fields why he wasn’t at school and the second one was what he could have thought of me??! P1080114

This family was already working all together at 7:00 in the morning! Their children didn’t seems to go to school as well!

You can see them on this pic filtering the grains from little stones or impurities.



This  guy shoed up in the middle of the street with this weird bug! I still don’t know for what is that for?


I felt in love with that little cute kid! You can also see the custom made seat just for him on the motorcycle of his father! NICE! P1080119

P1080117 P1080121

Some times I wonder…! This guy was washing his cloths and himself here!!


I loved the red dirt scenery and the banana plantation on this mountains.

P1080122 P1080135 P1080136 P1080137 P1080140 P1080146 P1080147

I had saw a lot of type of rides, but Buffalo riding was a first hahaha!


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