07-03 bagan last day ?>

07-03 bagan last day

They are just so many temple and Pagodas in Bagan I thought of just leaving just with the photos on this post. Enjoy.

P1080003 P1080006  P1080011 P1080010 P1080008 P1080007 P1080021

In this temple, the four walls side in the interior of the building have four different status of the Buddha. They are all depict below:

P1080016 P1080014 P1080022 P1080024 P1080031 P1080030 P1080029 P1080028 P1080026

On the east side of old Bagan, you can see the sandy condition of the road…I loved though those cactus…



This temple was one of the only with large and well preserved painting depict below;P1080033



P1080035 P1080036 P1080037 P1080038 P1080039 P1080040 P1080041 P1080044 P1080046 P1080045

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