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05-03 coordinates to garage sleeping


My morning surprise was a nice flat tire! Not very surprising though…I camped in the wild last night and had to puch my bike in the bushes….The nice think was that he was able to fix it without me to put down all my stuff. P1070890

Here is the local ice cream and juice sailer. I also had a that juice and the tast was orange & coffee. It was really too sweet for me but the half iced juice was iresistible while waiting for the “voulganizater”….! It is about 30 degress outside now…


Check out this guy :-):-)


That little kid was so kute with his local ice cream that I couldn’t resist!!


The landscape was amazing today! Those coco nute trees were amazingly tall (much more than the african ones) and green, while the nature around were yellow and step alike!

It was very different from the usual…


This is how you enlage the road here in Myanmar!! First you dig the grownd and fill it with stones before putting the asphalt. You can imagine how long it must take for those guys to finish such a project.

The most amazing though is that most of the workers here were womans! (Unfortunately not apearing on those two pics)

P1070903 P1070902 P1070900 P1070897 P1070906

You will laugh,but this guy came to suply the restaurant with chikens!!!


You can see the lady hereputing the sugar can on the roll press to skwise and get the juice…


A second stop of the day to enjoy a litle bit of shade and some chugar canjuce.


I saw this clostoufandourgia manifacturing on the road and had to stop.

The green tissues (final product) were made in two stages. Frist was the creation of a base black layer which was then reprosess with green rope.


P1070921 P1070918

If you look at the seling you will see that only half of the machine are runing, the other half is taking motion from those imantes

P1070917 P1070922 P1070923

Iside the road were those farmers working on this machine to get the lentils out of the lives.


The final process was regarding a final impurities cleaning by hand.


Red lentils,




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